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The Shark Conservation Society seeks to further conservation through research expeditions and campaigns based on fact and practical experience, and to promote best practice when interaction with sharks is necessary.

Since 2003 the Society's forerunner, Richard Peirce Shark Conservation (RPSC), has run a number of expeditions all of which have achieved significant successes in securing real conservation measures.

Volunteers performing research on behalf of the Shark Conservation Society
Volunteers performing research on behalf of the Shark Conservation Society
April 14, 2014

Bahrain Sawfish Tragedy

Dateline: 14th April 2014.

It was with huge sadness that the Society learnt that last week an adult Green Sawfish had been caught in nets between Bahrain and Qatar, had not been released, and had ended up dead in Bahrain's market with its fins and rostrum cut off. Two years ago the government of Bahrain p...

Working To Protect Sharks Across The Globe

Following research and proposals submitted by SCS, the Qatar government in 2010 issued a decree giving total protection for the Green Sawfish in Qatari waters.


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